Note - Many Maps Are Now Out Of Date (See maps page for current map layouts)


This page displays the Zone Control zones on each map. Each Zone is highlighted.

Destructible objects have been removed from the zones when:

  1. They overlap the zone area.
  2. They obstruct two or more zone areas from each other.

**Compare maps to map list images to see what has been removed.



The Watering Hole
Nemoris - The Watering Hole - Zone
The Classic
Nemoris - The Classic - Zone
The Woods
Nemoris - The Woods - Zone
River Cross
Nemoris - River Cross - Zone
The Thicket
Nemoris - The Thicket - Zone
The Garden
Nemoris - The Garden - Zone
Choke Point
Nemoris - Choke Point - Zone
Noisy Neighbours
Nemoris - Noisy Neighbors - Zone
Nemoris - Ruins - Zone
Nemoris - Pacmanesque - Zone


Let it Go
Glaciarii - Let it Go - Zone
Glaciarii - Snovergrown - Zone
Edward's Snowed In
Glaciarii - Edwards Snowed In - Zone
Taken Atoll
Glaciarii - Taken Atoll - Zone
Snow Country for Cold Men
Glaciarii - Snow Country for Cold Men - Zone
Tunnel Vision
Glaciarii - Tunnel Vision - Zone
Snow Your Enemy
Glaciarii - Snow Your Enemy - Zone
Trail Mazer
Glaciarii - Trail Mazer - Zone
Cold Town
Glaciarii - Cold Town - Zone
The Long Run
Glaciarii - The Long Run - Zone


Lock Down
Arx-515 - Lockdown - Zone
Big Brother
Arx-515 - Big Brother - Zone
The Warehouse
Arx-515 - The Warehouse - Zone
Arx-515 - Quadriplex - Zone
The Pump Station
Arx-515 - The Pump Station - Zone
Arx-515 - Convey-Or-Die - Zone
Arx-515 - Overstalked - Zone
Urban Garden
Arx-515 - Urban Garden - Zone
Plutonium Pass
Arx-515 - Plutonium Pass - Zone
Arx-515 - Quarantine - Zone


Sand Trap
Arenae - Sand Trap - Zone
The Wine Cellar
Arenae - The Wine Cellar - Zone
Cerebral Prison
Arenae - Cerebral Prison - Zone
Arenae - X-Claim - Zone
The Walls Are Alive
Arenae - The Walls Are Alive - Zone
Shifty Eyes
Arenae - Shifty Eyes - Zone
Chamber of Time
Arenae - Chamber of Time - Zone
Split Decision
Arenae - Split Decision - Zone
Crypt Creeper
Arenae - Crypt Creeper-0
The Crate Divide
Arenae - The Crate Divide - Zone


Red Rob's Border
Craterus - Red Robs Border - Zone
Meteor Storm
Craterus - Meteor Storm - Zone
Abandoned Mine
Craterus - Abandoned Mine - Zone
Craterus - Spawncano - Zone
Carte Blanche
Craterus - Carte Blanche - Zone
Fire Carter
Craterus - Fire Carter - Zone
Secret Hollow
Craterus - Secret Hollow - Zone
Craterus - Crossfire - Zone
Ring of Fire
Craterus - Ring of Fire - Zone
Craterus - Firewall - Zone

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