Invisigun Heroes adds depth to the classic 'Bomberman' shared screen party game formula with the addition of invisibility for all players and special character abilities. The game achieves complexity and depth without sacrificing ‘pickup and play’ simplicity.

Players can select from several characters each with their own special ability, then vary their gameplay with diverse strategies from deviously sneaky to fiercely aggressive while keeping opponents guessing due to the invisibility mechanic.

The game is not a run of the mill low-resolution game, every map is overflowing with lovingly created pixel art, from rain drops splashing onto the ground to particle effects floating in the air. It seems there is always something new to notice.

Invisigun Heroes is remarkably flexible, allowing players to mix and match local players with online players and enjoy many modes across a vast selection of unique and engaging maps. While the game is best playing against friends, the single player Survival Challenge mode is a great way to try maps, characters and refine your skills while invisible.

It is truly a pleasure to play. Even on a losing streak, a tricky play that surprises your opponent and leads to a kill will leave a smile on your face. Moments like these will keep you playing for hours.

I highly recommend Invisigun Heroes.

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