• Reversed7

    Even though your hero is invisible most of the time, map layout plays a large part in Invisigun Heroes. Key components of a map consist of lanes, nooks and the options provided by the blocks in the map layout. These items will be explained in detail below.

    Shots will travel the entire width or height of a map. Firing along the longest paths maximizes the chance of a projectile hitting your opponent(s). The lanes in map also focus player movement. They are usually the most direct path across the map so the likelihood of hitting someone is higher. Lanes greatly reduce the guess work, if you can anticipate your opponent entering a lane, a well timed shot will often provide good results.

    The opposite of lanes are nooks. Nooks are small one o…

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  • Reversed7

    Invisigun Heroes is a partial information game. All players make decisions based on what they know or can predict about their opponents. The pace and flow of the game largely depends on how much information is flowing. Many actions provide information to not only opponents but also to players themselves.

    Positional information comes in the form of disturbances. There are many different types of disturbances which provide different levels information to each player. These range from firing your gun, which provides your exact location for a short period to sound effects that change depending on the surface the hero is walking on.

    Moving carefully and not bumping seems like the best strategy. However, this would not provide any information…

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  • Reversed7

    Invisigun Heroes Review

    February 11, 2017 by Reversed7

    Invisigun Heroes adds depth to the classic 'Bomberman' shared screen party game formula with the addition of invisibility for all players and special character abilities. The game achieves complexity and depth without sacrificing ‘pickup and play’ simplicity.

    Players can select from several characters each with their own special ability, then vary their gameplay with diverse strategies from deviously sneaky to fiercely aggressive while keeping opponents guessing due to the invisibility mechanic.

    The game is not a run of the mill low-resolution game, every map is overflowing with lovingly created pixel art, from rain drops splashing onto the ground to particle effects floating in the air. It seems there is always something new to notice.


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