Although her Academy test scores were sub-par, Selene's natural agility put her ahead of her peers in field trials. Outfit with a bionic leg, no hurdle is too tall.


Single or double jump. She can only jump over single blocks but can double jump to change directions in the air.

Ability Details

Selene's ability allows her to jump in the air while being invulnerable to shots, abilities, and bumping into other players until she lands. Jumping allows her to move two tiles in front of her current position if there is no object or player occupying it (this does not apply to projectiles or Proteus's drone). If there is a player or object two tiles in front of Selene, she will either jump one square ahead if there is nothing occupying that space or jump in place if there is. While in the middle of a jump, she can perform a second jump in either the same direction by default or another if directed by the player in a linear fashion. This second jump can be used in any of the three squares she can occupy during her first. The same rules that to the first jump also apply to the second jump as to how far she moves in the desired direction in correspondence to something being within her path. If Selene tries to shoot while in the middle of a jump, she will auto-shoot at the precise time that she lands and in any applied direction during the same jump (this only applies for single jumps); though if she applies direction without shooting, she will auto-move in that direction instead. Her ability can only be used once in quick succession with the double jump.

Note: If Selene's jump lands on one of Carmen's blocks, it is destroyed and she is stunned for 0.25 seconds.

Selene ability

Selene's ability, Jump

Strengths / Weakness

Selene can traverse complicated maps quickly by jumping walls and holes etc.

She can be hard to hit in a gun fight as she jumps over bullets.

She is good at surprise attacks from behind walls.

Pacmanesque is a good map for Selene. She can head straight for the centre then bump an inner wall to tempt someone to shoot along a lane outside the center, then jump over and shoot them in the back.


Shots can be buffered so they fire as soon as you land. You can jump over someone avoiding their shot then buffer a shot back into them from behind that will fire as soon as she lands.

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