Power Up


Reload Speed Decrease invisigun reload time. Stackable up to three times.
Shot Speed Increase velocity of Invisigun projectiles. Stackable up to two times.
Shield Increases a players hit points to two.

A shield can be destroyed by anything that would normally kill a player.

Diagonal Shot Upgrades Invisigun to allow for diagonal projectiles.
Revealer Reveal all opponents for 15 seconds.
Run Speed Increase overall movement speed. Stackable up to two times.
Split Shot Hit fire to split an active projectile in three. Once split that projectile cannot be split again. Limited to 10 splits per pickup. Unlimited stacks.
Silent Steps No footstep sounds or environmental surface effects
Resistance Slows down incoming shots on the single row / column the player is in.
Cluster Bomb Deploys lethal bombs on impact.
Guardian Summon sentries that destroy foes' shots.

Power Up Notes

  • Power ups take 10 seconds to drop with the parachute plus the drop timer. Eg When set to the default of 20 seconds a power up will take 33 seconds from the start of the round (3s (round start) + 20s (drop timer) + 10s (to fall on parachute)).
  • Power up drop timer can be adjusted by intervals of 10 seconds in the match modifier section. This adjusts the time until first drop and the period it takes another to appear after one has been collected.
  • A new power up won't fall until the previous on has been collected.

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