This page attempts to describe the type of play styles players use or that you may encounter others using in matches. Feel free to add more styles or add to existing styles as you encounter them. It is a good idea to switch strategies when playing to reduce the chances your opponent can predict your movements. A combination of stealth most of the time with quick aggressive bursts seems to be an excellent strategy.


Very comfortable firing a lot and being visible. Approaches in a direct manner. Sneaking up on an aggressive player is tough as there is a high chance their shots will hit you even if they don't know exactly where you are. Try to peek out between their shots and shoot them.


Tends to fire forwards then one behind incase they have given their position away. Will fire clearing / prospecting shots down lanes to clear the way / check for players. If you see a player bump or give themselves away it is often a good idea to wait to see if they shoot a defensive shot (just incase you would have stepped into it) then step out and fire at them.


Typically counts steps to avoid "off by one" mistakes and bumping into objects. Shoots to kill rather than firing prospecting shots. Approaches from the sides or behind. Tries to place themselves where other players would least expect them. Playing too sneaky can ruin game flow. With no information other players can't keep 'hunting' you. Try to find places to bump that lure opponents to shoot at you but not allow you to get hit.

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