Outgoing, optimistic, and relentless - Iris dedicated most of her spare Academy time to endurance training. No cadet can match her speed, and she'll be the first to show you.


Dash to cover a lot of ground very quickly.

Ability Details

When Iris uses her ability she dashes six tiles ahead in the direction she is facing very quickly. This can be interrupted by shooting either perpendicular to where she is dashing or straight in front of her. Her dash can also be cancelled by tapping the direction opposite of where she is dashing. This causes there to be a shorter travel distance during her dash which potentially allows for a more advantageous placement. Iris can use her ability up to two times in quick succession.

Note: If Iris is hit with Ronin's ability, for the duration of the bleeding effect, she can only dash three tiles at a time.

Iris ability

Iris's ability, Dash

Strengths / Weakness

Iris is excellent at collecting power ups. She can quickly move around the map and dash through the power ups to avoid being shot by someone waiting to shoot at the power up.

Iris is still vulnerable during her entire dash.


The dash can be used as a short distance teleport to a certain extent. Hide somewhere, then when someone comes past dash out and shoot.

Dash can be used to escape Aether. If you realize you are too close to Aether, dash away and shoot him from a distance.

Iris can sweep in and dash to collect the ball in the Carrier mode.

If you know where your opponent is, it is not a bad idea to shoot to reveal your position if you are not in the same lane but still within dashing distance of your opponent in order to throw them off-guard and avoid stray shots, which would allow you to dash in for the kill without too much risk.

You can dash past players and quickly shoot them in the back before they have time to react.

Iris can dash under a jumping Selene to shoot her in the back as she lands.

If someone is standing against a wall, you can use the wall as a back stop to ensure Iris stops the dash at the correct location to hit them.