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Glaciarii consists of frozen ground with patches of snow. The occasional blizzard blows through.

Common Objects

  • Snow covered tree's
  • Frosty bushes
  • Soft snow drifts
  • Ice Blocks
  • Gem Spires
  • Glaciarii Yeti

Some of the above objects are Dynamic Objects - click to read more about them.

Environmental Effects

  • Walking in water causes a splash effect
  • Footsteps can be seen in snow that slowly fade over time
  • Vision is obscured when a blizzard blows through
  • Standing in one place to long causes a cold breath effect at a player's location

General Strategy

Make use of blizzards to move quickly through snow drifts so that you can surprise your opponents while the blizzard obscures your tracks.

Glaciarii Maps (Full Map List)

Glaciarii Map Gallery

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