Carmen's deep connection with the elements around her was evident from an early age. She would spend hours molding the earth to her will. This ability has only matured with time.


Conjure a small destructible block in front of her that will reflect a shot.

Ability Details

Carmen's ability creates a block one tile directly in front of her location and she can have up to three blocks in play at a time. These blocks can be removed by hitting them twice with either a shot and/or another players ability (e.g. Aether's Ground Pound) but after the first hit they lose their reflective ability. You can also cause blocks to lose their reflective ability by bumping into them 5 times without damaging the blocks themselves. If there are three blocks on the field, another one can be placed but it removes the first of the three that were place. You are unable to place blocks on walls, objects, or on opponents. You cannot replace blocks at the same location it was created. This ability can be used twice in quick succession.


  • Blocks can be place over Phoebe's portals which removes them from the map.
  • If Selene's jump lands on one of Carmen's blocks, it is destroyed and she is stunned for 0.25 seconds.
  • Ronin's power shot is able to destroy Carmen's block without the shot being reflected.
  • PowerUp drops will remove Carmen's blocks from the map if one happens to lands on her block.
  • Carmen can use the Split Shot PowerUp to split projectiles that have been reflected off of her blocks.
Carmen ability

Carmen's ability, Building Reflective Blocks

Strengths / Weakness

Carmen is a good all-round character and excels in tight spaces where she can force others to reveal themselves by shooting her blocks to get past them.

She can gain a lot of kills from reflected shots.

Carmen's ability is useful in Zone Control and makes her a strong character in this mode.


Where possible it's always a good idea to have all three blocks on the map as it increases the chance of someone accidentally killing themselves with a reflecting shot (you will only get points for this if you are still alive when it happens).

It is a good idea to replace damaged blocks that you have put down with new ones to keep your chances of a shot reflection kills high.

If confronted with someone close up, it's a good idea to put a block down rather than shoot. A shot would collide and create a blast barrier, instead hopefully your opponents shot will reflect and kill.

Carmen can put a block down on top of Phoebe's teleports, blocking Phoebe from using it and causing her to have to put down another Teleport.

Keeping track of the order you place down blocks is important. If you have 3 blocks already placed in the map, the first block that you had originally placed will disappear as you place another block, and so on and so forth. You can use this to your advantage if you know an opponent is hiding behind one of your blocks. You can cause that block to disappear, leaving them vulnerable to being shot.

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