Your objective is to collect a certain number of coins by taming beasts as indicated by the rules before your opponent.


How this game mode plays out is that there are beasts that spawn in random locations on a given map. These beasts have a circle around themselves that indicates their "taming" radius. If a player/players are within this radius, it causes these creatures to lower them selves into the ground at a slow rate and if you move out of that radius they move back up at a slow rate until they are at the position they spawned at or until a player moves back into that radius. The beasts lower themselves until they are at the point where they can not longer be seen within that tile, then disappear and a coin is spawned in that location.

Beast tamer gif

Beast Tamer gamemode


If you have enough time it is better to attempt to stop someone taming a beast and get the coin yourself than to start taming a new beast.

Attempt to stop the leading player from gaining more coins. Don't get into a battle over a beast with a player with less coins than you and let someone run away with the match.

If you are in a lane taming a beast and can't move to avoid shots. It can be a good idea to fire blocking shots down the lane. It gives your position away but stops someone getting an easy kill that you can't dodge.

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