Arx-515 is completely covered and cities and factories.

Common Objects

  • Proximity Gates
  • Security camera's
  • Conveyor belts
  • Cooling fans and pipes
  • Steam Vents
  • Industrial Gear (cones and cartons)
  • Teleporters

Some of the above objects are Dynamic Objects - click to read more about them.

Environmental Effects

  • Camera's will pivot and follow nearby players that are within 1 tile.
  • Proximity gates slide open as players approach (can be jammed open for a while if shot multiple times)
  • Steam will waver if a player walks through it or completely stop if a player stands on the vent.

General Strategy

Avoid camera's when possible and don't stay in the same place next to one as it gives your position away.

Camera's can be used to bluff your position. Move up to a camera then move away in a straight line until you are out of its range. Opponents will often think you are still standing in front of the camera as it won't have moved.

Moving up to the square next to a door opening will cause the door to open. You can then step away faking that you went through the door.

Take care when playing against Aether in Arx as he can linger behind doors waiting for them to open to stun you. You can shoot them first so he won't know exactly when you come through.

Conveyor belts can be used to move across the map (specially in 'The Warehouse') without making footstep sounds.

Take care when walking against the direction of a conveyer belt, as it's easy to lose your position.

Arx-515 Maps (Full Map List)

Arx-515 Map Gallery

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