An extreme introvert, Aether follows a reclusive path dedicated to training. Preferring the company of wildlife to humans, he'll do anything to get you out of his personal space.


Aether delivers a powerful ground pound that will stun enemies, destroy nearby objects, and sometimes blocks shots.

Ability Details

Using Aether's ability causes him to briefly wind up for his attack and then slam down on the ground. It has a radius of 3 tiles starting out from the center of Aether and can be used to destroy surrounding objects within that radius. Opponents caught within the ground pound are stunned for a short duration. The farther away a player is from the center of his ability the further they get knocked back with a max knock back distance of 4 tiles and a min of 0 if they are directly one tile adjacent to him. This ability can block bullets that are already within the radius of his ability only on the first frame just as he hits the ground. His ability can be used only once before going on cooldown with lasts for 0.5 seconds.

Aether ability

Aether's ability, Ground Pound

Strengths / Weakness

Aether is a very strong character in close quarters. He does not work well in very open maps.

His ability is unique in that it can be used to attack (stun then shoot). The other characters abilities aside from Proteus's (his drone can be used like a mini Aether stun) are passive and don't directly influence their foe.

Modes Aether will work well in

  • Zone Control
  • Beast Tamer

Maps Aether could work well in

Any close map with plenty of objects to hide behind

  • Pacmanesque
  • The Thicket
  • Lock Down
  • Quadriplex


  • Avoid using pound unless you are close to an opponent or you know no-one is nearby.
  • Approach enemies so they are 1 or 2 squares away diagonally (so they can't shoot and hit you during the pound wind up).
  • Step across and shoot players you have stunned with Aether for reliable quick kills.
  • Wait behind objects or around corners until people reveals themselves then pound to stun and kill
  • A balance of aggression and stealth is needed with Aether.

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